- Francis Courchinoux: 
Role: Story & script writing, Game design, Level design, Coding, Art direction, 3D Art, 2D Art, Lighting, Music, Sound, FX, Communication & Marketing.

After working in the game industry for around 20 years, I've decided that it was time now to make my own project.

I have been working on different roles, on those released video games:

Half Life, Half Life Blue shift, Half Life Gunman chronicles, Warcraft III, Diablo II Exp, Homeworld II, Ground Control II, Scarface, Flashback, Crash Bandicoot TTR, Swat 4, Xfiles, Battle Star Galactica, Swat 4 Exp, Hunter the reckoning, Mace Griffin, Bloodrayne, Casino Empire, Alien vs Predator, Throne of Darkness, Zeus, Amy, Arthur and the Minimoys, Alexandra Ledermann Le haras de la vallĂ©e, Alexandra Ledermann La colline aux chevaux sauvages, Cine movie party, C4. 

I have been making 3D game environments since 2007 and 3D since 1996.
I'm also musician and music composer.

My goal is to make an immersive adventure game in which I always wanted to play, to really give to the player a role in the storyline and to give interesting actions to the player to reach the objectives.

The game won't tell you what to do and point you where to go: 
You will be free to think and to decide by yourself!


- Martyn Luke
Role: Uayeb's Voice Actor & Script Writing.

Voice Acting is not only the industry I work in but a real love in my life! I also have a performance background in Theatre, Short Film and Commercial.

I have voiced a variety of different roles and characters in a number of realised and upcoming Indie/ video game tiles such as UAYEB, Creepy Road, ECO, Rogue State, Trial Of The Elements, Parachronism: Order Of Chaos, Runewards, Spring Breeze, Zulu Response, Allegiance, Dr. Kinetic and more.

As well as performing I've also dabbled in Fight Choreography, DSM (Deputy Stage Managing), QA (Quality Advising), bug testing and Script Writing.

In UAYEB I wanted to create a character quite different to other protagonists in the world of Video Games. He isn't a raspy voiced super solider or a blade welding silent assassin oh no! He is an ''Average Joe'' who is put into a world he isn't ready for but strives to survive. Fear, anger, pride, hunger, thirst, happiness, confusion and more, He goes through everything a real life person would feel being thrown into a Post Apocalyptic world.

With Uayeb's vocals, I dwelled and researched into loneliness and the human physic and found that people feel a vast amount of different emotions when they are placed into an unfamiliar and hostile environment which is the bases of this game. My goal was to portray such emotions and make Uayeb a raw and realistic character who has lots of lays to him, who audiences can relate too.

With Script I wanted to create a dialog for Uayeb which would show all the different emotions the poor guy goes through. I'm also a HUGE lover of Easter Eggs which I implemented into the game, so hope you have fun hearing them! (Uayeb is just as bigger geek as me!).

I hope you all enjoy the UAYEB experience and I hope Uayeb becomes a character you all love as much as I do.

And a final bit of advice from Uayeb .... Listen to Joanna!

- Katabelle
Role: Joanna voice acting & script adjustments.

I'm a character voiceover actress who primarily voices video games. 

I'm a big supporter of MMOs, visual novels, indie game developers & games such as Planet Explorers, Just Deserts, UYAEB, Memoranda, all which I have voiced previously.