Q: Is UAYEB a multi-player game?
A: Uayeb will be only a solo game mode where you will be able to play on your own to discover the entire level, to find clues, to gather resources.

Q: Will there be weapons?
A: Yes, there will be different fire weapons.

Q: Any vehicles to drive?
A: Yes, at least two vehicles will be available.

Q: Is it possible to swim?
A: Yes, you will need to find resources everywhere even under water.

Q: Do I have to eat or drink to survive?
A: Yes, you will have to keep you hunger and thirst level up, if you want to stay in good shape! Also there will be a low and high temperature level to avoid your character to freeze or melt!

Q: Is the story important or it is only a sandbox game?
A: The story will drive you into an unique adventure that involve the Mayan civilization. 
There will be crafting in the game but it is not a sandbox game.