April - 26th - 2017:
As you probably know, UAYEB is developed by one person only  and thus on only one computer. The reason for that is purelly a lack of budget of course.

A bad thing has happened yesterday, something in the computer burned and it is compromising the release of the game for June 6th.

Fortunately all the game files are safe on a backup hard drive, but to finish and polish the game I will have to make a loan to buy a new machine and reinstall all the needed programs.

So I prefer to delay the release date to deliver a clean and polished version of the game. I hope to be able to have the final version at the end of June, just few extra weeks that were lost due to the computer failure.

The Beta version will still be playable at Casual Connect / Indie Prize Asia, the 16 - 17 - 18 of May in Singapore.

You can also help the project if you can with a donation for buying the new computer:
Help us with a small donation here.

Thank you and keep in touch.

April - 08th - 2017:
I'm really glad to announce that you will be able to play the Beta of UAYEB at the Indie Prize / Casual Connect exhibition in Singapore, on May 16, 17, 18 2017.

See you there!

April - 04th - 2017:
UAYEB is now in Alpha!
All the content of the game has been implemented and now it is moving into debugging and polishing.
Release date on PC Steam: June 2017

March - 06th - 2017:

Thanks to Gantt for the interview on:

March - 05th - 2017:
Thanks to Peter Ward for the interview on:

March - 02nd - 2017:
UAYEB is now on the Steam store!
Few months more and the game will be released

February - 03rd - 2017:
We need your support on KICKSTARTER!

Choose your reward, ask a question, add your comment and share the campaign.


January - 30th - 2017:
UAYEB has launched its first Kickstarter campaign!
So you can be part of the project NOW!
We need your help and support:

January - 24th - 2017:
That's it!!! 
UAYEB has been greenlit in only 15 days, by Steam and by YOU!! 

Big thanks for your huge support!

January - 18th - 2017:
UAYEB is alreary in the Top 50 on 2296 games on Steam Greenlight, in only 8 days! 
So thank you everyone who voted YES and thank you for the nice comments! Keep on sharing the news with your friends.
To thank you all, here is a new game play video of 9 minutes.

January - 10th - 2017:
Hello everyone!

Have a look to 8:37 minutes of UAYEB game play!
This is taken after playing around five to six hours of the game. The player has already crafted the car and he is looking for the third Mayan artifact:

January - 9th - 2017:
Happy new year everyone!

After 2.5 years of hard work, ICA GAMES is glad to announce the game UAYEB on Steam Greenlight!

Vote YES here:

The next milestone will be a Kickstarter campaign to help on the promotion of the game in the Indie games events.

For now you can visualise the first trailer of 2017, with a lot of unreveals from the game!

Don't forget to vote yes for the game and add a comment if you like it.

Many thanks for your support!

December - 9th - 2016:
I'm glad to annonce that the release date of Uayeb Episone 1 is planned for Q2 2017!

And check out the new "Making of the music" video:

December - 1st - 2016:
Vote UAYEB for the Indie of the Year Awards on IndieDB!
Thanks for your support!

November - 23rd - 2016:
Check out the 8 new screenshots taken from the game!
The next update will be a video with a release date!

August - 18th - 2016:
Development is going well and it is on tracks.
More content and gameplay are implemented to the game, to bring the best experience to the player.

The Team page and the forum have been updated.

July - 14th - 2016:
It was quite a while since the end of May, that I didn't update anything on UAYEB.

It's actually good news, and it means that a lot is going on in the game! 

If some of you are waiting for the game, here are 10 fresh new screen shots, to thank you for your patience. 

There are still a lot to do for only one person making the game, but it is on a good way. In the coming months I will be focusing in adding as much content as I can to deliver to you the best experience in Uayeb Episode 1. 

Hopefully I'll be able to reach more than 20 hours of gameplay! 

To support the project, please share as much as posible, like the Facebook page, subscribe to the Youtube channel and follow the game on Steam Concept, and don't forget to vote Yes on Steam!

May - 27th - 2016:
A new article on Unpause Asia: 10 Stunningly Gorgeous Indie Prize Games at Casual Connect Asia.
Thanks guys!

May - 22nd - 2016:
The exhibition in Singapore was really great! 
Thanks a lot to the Casual connect and Indie prize teams. Thanks to all the people I have seen there, it was very nice to meet you all and to talk to you. 
It was a real pleasure to show you my game Uayeb and to listen to your nice comments. 
Keep in touch!

May - 11th - 2016:
Resources for crafting: White willow

May - 10th - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Steering wheel

May - 09th - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Engine

May - 06th - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Matches

May - 05th - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Wheel

May - 04th - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Wood planks

May - 03rd - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Sulfur

May - 02nd - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Battery

April - 29th - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Lead

April - 28th - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Solar cell

April - 27th - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Stones

April - 26th - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Cables

April - 25th - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Iron

April - 22nd - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Cloth

April - 21st - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Carbon

April - 20th - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Brushwood

April - 19th - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Gold

April - 18th - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Poppy seed

April - 15th - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Peppermint

April - 14th - 2016:
Resources for crafting: Cotton

April - 13th - 2016:
I'm glad to announce to you that UAYEB has been selected to be presented at the Casual Connect Asia exhibition, from 17 to 19 of May 2016 in Singapore!

April - 12th - 2016:
Check out the fresh new screenshots taken from the game, with new food, and the new HUD design:

April - 07th - 2016:
Great news for the game: 
Two fantastic actors are doing the voices on UAYEB!

Katabelle is Joanna:

Martyn is Uayeb:

April - 06th - 2016:
Thanks to Factornews for the nice article on UAYEB at:

April - 4th - 2016:
Thanks to IndieMag for the nice article on UAYEB at:

March - 31st - 2016:
Uayeb has got a new nice article in the French press at:

March - 28th - 2016:
First acticle in the French press at:

March - 27th - 2016:
Thanks to everyone who came at the Indie Games Play 6 last saturday!
It was very nice to meet you, and to talk with you all. Keep in touch for more on UAYEB!

March - 24th - 2016:
New screen shots were added, check out the Screens page!

March - 20th - 2016:
Answer one question and WIN a ticket to the Indie Games Play #6 where you will play UAYEB!

March - 09th - 2016:
UAYEB is selected to be on the Indie Games Play #6 exhibition, the 25th and 26th March in Lyon France. 
13 indie games will be presented to the press on Friday and to the public on Saturday. Hope to see you there!

February - 02nd - 2016:
UAYEB has its Concept Page on Steam Greenlight!

Steam Greenlight Concept Page

February - 01st - 2016:
The second gameplay video is available!
All the video are on the video page.

January - 01st - 2016:
The first gameplay video is available now!

November - 20th - 2015:
UAYEB is on IndieDB!

October - 27th - 2015:
The first video trailer of UAYEB is available:

July - 26th - 2015:
New screen shots were added in the Screens page, check them out!

February - 04th - 2015:
Uayeb is an adventure game project under development. Before going into production, this prototype was done to provide a clear vision of the game, what is the feeling to be in that world, what is the artistic direction to follow, and the understanding of the Cryengine for the development.

Here is the first UAYEB prototype on video:

January - 01st - 2015:
Production has started now on UAYEB!

September - 27th - 2014:
Like Uayeb game project on Facebook:

July - 01st - 2014:
Pre-production has started on the project UAYEB. Working on a prototype.